Hue 166 Enamel Cup


Introducing our new 10oz enamel mug featuring the Hue 166 registration


Product Description

As a Land Rover owner, a number of your weekends each year are spent fettling, repairing and improving your cherished vehicle. This undoubtedly adds up to gallons of tea consumed whilst scratching ones head and trying to decipher the Haynes manual hieroglyphics.

Now you can show everyone how much of a Land Rover enthusiast you are, by drinking from a hard wearing, classic enamel mug, featuring the Hue 166 registration plate. For those of you who don’t know, Hue 166 was the first pre-production Series One and the oldest existing Land Rover. Affectionately known as ‘Huey’, you can now enjoy your tea whilst tipping the hat to the grandfather of all green oval Land Rovers.

Additional Information


Hard wearing, 10oz, Enamel Cup in Traditional Green, Features Hue 166 Registration, Dishwasher Safe


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